Medical Aid In Dying

What is Medical Aide in Dying (MAID)?

In June of 2021 the Elizabeth Whitfield End-of-Life Options Act went into effect, which allows people with a terminal illness to take a medication, under the supervision of a doctor, to legally end their life. This can be a difficult decision to make, but for some people, the pain, nausea, and other symptoms can advance to a degree that makes continuing to live unbearable. Medical Aid In Dying offers an option to die peacefully when a person is ready. It can be a truly beautiful experience because it gives patients a timeline to have family come to town, see friends, and a sense of control in an otherwise uncontrollable situation, along with peace of mind knowing that the suffering will end soon.

Why do we do this work?

The dying process is a sacred moment. We have been working in hospitals and emergency rooms for many years and have seen many people pass away, often prematurely or alone. MAID is different because allows the person to regain some sense of control is a very difficult situation usually when all other options are exhausted. The person is often surrounded by loved ones  celebrating their life as they die. It is an extraordinary moment for us to be a part of.

How does it work?

To Start: Contact our office by completing the patient intake form here – We’ll ask for some basic information about your situation. We will contact you by phone usually within a day of receiving your referral.

The First Home Visit : Next we’ll set up a home visit to have a more in-depth discussion about your situation and we can review your records to confirm that you are eligible to MAID. It is helpful at this time to have family or a friend with you during this discussion. If appropriate, we’ll complete all the necessary forms at this time.

Once You Have Decided: When the you decide you would like to proceed and we have determined that the you qualify, we arrange for the prescription to filled and the medication will be delivered to your home. We work very closely with the hospices around the state. We will will help enroll you in hospice of your choice if that has not already happened. We will be in regular contact with you or your loved ones as well as your hospice team to answer any questions and concerns. We will help you determine when is the right time.

On the Appointed Day : We will be with you and your loved ones in your home. We are there on the day of administration to guide you through the process. It is important to us that we be present so that you and your loved ones can focus on being with you and we take care of the details and logistics.

New Mexico law does not require that a medical professional be present at the time of self-administration but in our experience we see value in having a professional with experience to guide you and your loved ones though this journey.

While the focus of our service is on medical aid in dying, our comprehensive service is to provide a smooth and peaceful death that may or may not include medical aid in dying. Our commitment to patients and families does not end if a patient decides not to take medications to die or becomes ineligible to take them, but rather includes all aspects of impending death–from improving life while death approaches to providing the best death possible with or without medical aid in dying. Our agreement with patients and families is to be their medical guide to life as death approaches and then through the death itself.


$2500. which includes the initial intake, reviewing your medical records, discussing with your health care team, conversations with you and being with you at the bedside on the day of administration.

If it is determined during the intake that you do not qualify or do not want to pursue MAID at that time, you would just be charged $500.

However, Once the medications have been ordered, the full fee will be charged. This is not refundable whether the patient has a change of heart, worsening mental capacity that makes them no longer eligible, or dies prior to self-administration, we will still commit to staying involved and helping the family in the process even if MAID is no longer an option.

  • Our fees do not include the cost of the aid-in-dying medications — usually about $500, paid directly to the pharmacy.
  • For patients in and around Santa Fe there is no travel fee as Dr. Rosen and Anderson will be providing the care. For patient outside of the Santa Fe Area Hunter Marshall will be providing the care with support throughout the State of New Mexico. There is a travel fee for travel greater than 40 miles round trip from Albuquerque. The fee is $1 per mile, round trip.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Patients with extreme hardship in meeting the above fees should feel free to discuss this with us. Our goal is that no patient should be denied treatment because of true financial hardship.
Will this affect my life insurance, etc?

No. The cause of your death on your death certificate will be your terminal disease.

Is there a waiting period?

Yes. There is 48 hour waiting period from the time we prescribe the medication, to when the pharmacy can dispense it. This can be waived in special circumstances. Please contact us for other questions.

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