Urgent Care

At Santa Fe Mobile MD, we believe that many medical issues that bring people to the emergency room can be dealt with in the home. Generally speaking, if you feel you have an urgent care problem, we ought to be able to address it with a house call. Managing lacerations, sprains, strains, and other injuries are well within our scope and experience. We won’t always be able to do same-day labs or x-rays, but we will be able to do rapid Strep and COVID testing. We are not able to do flu testing at your home, but please note that the CDC recommends treating influenza in most patients based on symptoms, not testing.

Most valuable is being able to discuss the problem with an experienced doctor promptly and develop a plan to address the issue at hand.

See our list of services for common complaints we can address. Still not sure whether to go the ER? Take a look at Doctor Sam Slishman’s Anxiometer, a thorough guide to common medical symptoms and conditions in layman’s terms. Sam is a fellow ER doctor, innovator and mentor. The Anxiometer helps patients understand how their ER doctor approaches their symptoms.

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