Chronic Disease Management

At Santa Fe Mobile MD, we are happy to be part or take charge of complex medical conditions. We are board-certified physicians with extensive experience managing complex medical problems, including Diabetes (including insulin management), High Blood Pressure, Hypothyroidism, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Heart Disease, to name a few.

These days when you call the doctor’s office, you often never get to speak to your provider directly. The best you can expect is secure messaging through the electronic medical system. At Santa Mobile MD, we believe that with close communication and direct care in your home, we can do a lot to keep you away from the hospital and out of harm’s way. We travel with many different tools and treatments, including IV therapy. We are often able to help you avoid transfer to the hospital and the long waits and expenses involved in hospital care.

As both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Rosen have been in town for well over a decade, we have personal connections to most specialists in Santa Fe. We work closely and in collaboration with any specialist in Santa Fe and can help make sense of what is going on with your medical care. It is not uncommon for many people as they age to have multiple specialists whom they see with some regularity. Specialists might spend 10-20 minutes to address your complex medical issues. At Santa Fe Mobile MD, we will communicate directly with your specialist to help coordinate your care and make sure things do not fall through the cracks.

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