Do I have cold or COVID?

Winter is coming, and with it many runny noses and coughs. In the past this would perhaps have signaled another season and the passing of time. This winter seems different. Why so? With the Covid pandemic, most of us find ourselves worrying, is it just a cold, or is it Covid? I was talking with one of my colleagues in the emergency room the other day and she told me she was seeing equal numbers of patients with the flu (influenza), RSV and COVID. Interestingly, many, if not most vaccinated patients are avoiding being admitted to the hospital. In almost all cases, they are reassured and then sent home. The unvaccinated are often sicker and a much higher percentage are being admitted to the hospital.

Unless you have serious heart issues or chronic lung disease, you are better off calling us. Dr. Rosen or Dr. Anderson will evaluate you in your home. We will spend time reviewing all your medications and history and treating you for your infection. This is all at a fraction of the cost of going to the emergency room, and without the wait.

In most cases, treatment for the flu and RSV includes rest, time and monitoring of your vitals. Tamiflu can be used for the flu, if diagnosed early. We can even order oxygen if needed. When you call, we can make a same-day appointment and it will be cheaper than going to the ER, where most copays are $500, plus the fee for seeing a doctor. And then there are often extra, surprise fees. With Santa Fe Mobile MD you will pay $275 for the doctor’s visit in the comfort of your own home. (Other fees are delineated in our website).

So if you are having fevers, a runny nose, and/or cough, give us a call at 505-386-1380 and avoid the emergency room.

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