Finding a primary care provider in Santa Fe

The Covid pandemic has put a tremendous strain on the US healthcare system. There is a huge shortage of doctors and other healthcare workers, and this shortage is only getting worse. Currently in Santa Fe, the wait time for an appointment with a primary care doctor at either of the large corporate healthcare systems can be weeks, if not months. And what if you already have a doctor, but just need to ask a question? You may call or send a message, but chances are good that you will not hear back in a timely fashion, because staff and providers are over-extended.

We constantly see patients in the hospital who were not able to get in to see their doctor and therefore ended up in the emergency room. Often the issue could have been prevented if the doctor had had time to get back to the patient. Unlike most other institutions in Santa Fe, where you may wait months for an appointment,we at Santa Fe Mobile MD are usually available by phone or for a house call on a “walk-in” basis on the same day. We are not a concierge practice charging a “subscription,” but we are readily available for our patients. 

One of our patients described waiting on hold with one of the local urgent care clinics for over forty-five minutes. She finally gave up. She sent us a text and was seen within two hours. We are not a walk-in clinic; our clinic comes to you. We bring the necessary equipment to evaluate and treat most ailments and we can always order labs or imaging if indicated. An average face-to face-time with a doctor in the US is 17 minutes, during which the doctor is often looking at the computer. Is that really enough? What is most valuable is the time we take to sit down and review your entire medical history. We do not have a waiting room full of people, since we are in your living room or kitchen. Our average visit lasts around an hour.

With a combined 75+ years of experience in primary care and emergency & hospital medicine, we can take care of you and do everything needed to keep you healthy and out of the hospital. We will be there for you when you need us! Call or schedule an appointment online and you might just experience a new kind of medical care!

Expert Medical Care That Comes to You!