New Service: Woman’s Health Care

Santa Mobile MD is proud to introduce a new range of comprehensive women’s health care services tailored to meet your individual needs and preferences. Our services include a thorough assessment of your health needs based on national recommendations, ensuring you receive the highest quality care possible.

At Santa Mobile MD, we understand the complexities of women’s health across different life stages. That’s why we also offer services such as preconception planning, evaluation and treatment of postpartum anxiety and depression, lactation support, menopausal symptom management including hormone replacement therapy, bioidenticals, as well as functional lab testing.

Rest assured, our experienced team will provide the necessary support and referrals to specialists as needed, ensuring you receive comprehensive and compassionate care.

When it comes to contraception, we offer a variety of options including natural family planning, prescriptions for diaphragms, as well as hormonal birth control methods such as pills, patches, vaginal rings, and Depo SubQ Provera. Our goal is to provide you with personalized choices that best suit your lifestyle and health goals.

In addition to routine screenings, Santa Mobile MD offers emergency contraception, testing, and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, and other vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis or yeast. Our team is dedicated to promoting your overall well-being and sexual health through proactive measures and timely interventions.

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