Your experience interacting with the medical system should not be difficult!!

We continue to hear from new patients that they have trying to get into see their “other” provider for months. They tell us that when they called the office for an acute problem they were just told to  to the ER or Urgent Care. In the typical “corporate medicine model,” patients are moved quickly through the system. Talking to your doctor is virtually impossible. When you call for a question or a medication refill, does it often take weeks for a call back?

At Santa Fe Mobile MD, our first commitment is to simply answer the phone. Although we do rely on technology, we realize that some of our patients might not be whizzes on Facebook or Twitter, and the truth is, neither are we. We try to make it very easy to reach us.

The providers at Santa Fe Mobile MD understand personalised medicine. We believe in access and our patients have the ability to get a hold of their provider promptly.

Our patients can send us text messages and we will always text or call you back. No, we don’t send you to talk to a bot and have you download an app with a new password to get access to us. We come to your home and discuss your goals of care, sometimes over a cup of coffee. We actually get to know you.

We are still taking new patients. If you are not getting what you need from your health care system or you medical practitioner, please call us. Try something new- having a physician that both cares and has the time to care well.

Expert Medical Care That Comes to You!