What is concierge medical care and is that offered at Santa Fe Mobile MD?

When we tell our patients and colleagues in the medical field that we are a mobile medical practice and all our visits take place in our patients’ homes or locations of choice, they will often say: “Oh, so it is a concierge practice.” The response to that statement is ‘no’. Concierge describes a type of a medical practice that charges a monthly or annual subscription plan for access to the doctor. At Santa Fe Mobile MD, that access is free. All our primary care patients receive our personal phone number and may text or call with questions or concerns.

In a typical concierge practice in Santa Fe, a patient will be charged over $2000 per year for such access, but when the doctor sees you, your insurance still gets charged and there is often a co-pay. At Santa Fe Mobile MD, our fee structure is very simple: you pay as you go and we don’t involve the insurance company for any of the care you receive from us. If you need a yearly visit, you pay for a visit. If you need a referral to a specialist, you pay for a visit. If you need a medication refill separate from your visit, you pay for the refill. But unless you plan to see your doctor 8 times a year, you will save a significant amount of money by working with us.

We are a boutique practice that is customized to your needs. Of course, all of your referral (specialist) visits, labs, and other tests will be paid for by your insurance.

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